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  • This is my friend Mallory. I asked her what it would take for her to believe me when I say she is beautiful and she said I couldn’t do anything.

    Obviously since I’ve posted her picture and I’m making this post something is about to go down.

    I asked her how many notes I had to get to make her believe she is beautiful and after some stalling she said 100 notes.

    100 notes.

    I think she is worthy of at least 100 notes.

    Now I don’t know how this works, because I don’t want to give out her personal story to the point where she doesn’t talk to me ever again. I’ll just say this: She has absolutely no self-esteem and thinks that I’m lying when I say she absolutely beautiful.

    I just want her to know that not everyone is a bullying and that people other than myself think she is beautiful.

    So can we maybe get this to at least 100 notes?

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      I promise you guys I’m not pretty.
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      OMG…I’m so jealous.. She’s so gorgeous :/
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